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Log your recently listened Spotify songs in Logseq

Video demo
Click to authenticate with Spotify

Frequently asked questions

Is this officially affiliated with Spotify or Logseq?
No. It's an unofficial plugin which uses the Spotify API.
How do I get this working?
1. Download the plugin from the LogSeq Plugin Marketplace.
2. Click the button above to authenticate with Spotify.
3. Copy the generated token and paste it into the plugin settings on LogSeq.
4. Use the slash command /spotify in your LogSeq journal.
How secure is this?
This site does not collect your spotify password: that is all authenticated through the Spotify API which you validate with.
The code you are provided with does provide public access to your listening history if you were to share it, so don't do that.
Is this open source?
Of course! The source code for the server is here and the source code for the plugin is here.
If you are particularly security conscious about your listening history then you are welcome to use the server source code to deploy your own self-hosted version.
Does this come with a warranty and support?
Absolutely no warranty. If you encounter an issue or need support then please raise an issue on github.
What's the best thing about Switzerland?
I don't know, but the flag is a big plus..